The designer

Mark Johnson grew up in what was then dubbed one of the poorest boroughs in the Country. Hackney, East London.

Born with a rare disability it almost cost him his sight. Through out his young life and into his teens he would spend many times in hospital. 

At school Mark loved sports but it was art were he really thrived. Towards the end of his secondary school years he had three options Fashion, Photography and Athletics. Fashion won and he would go on to spend three years at fashion college. His mother went to the London college of Fashion and his sister was a model but it was the 1980's American soap operas Dallas and Dynasty that would see him specialise in the clothes he does today.

His very first collections in the college fashion shows were stunning evening suits and wedding dress. He would often do very well on tests and courses.

Although Mark has done other jobs fashion has taken up most of his time. Today he is best known for producing stunning and elegant evening/red carpet dresses. He is well respected in the industry and continues to wow audiences with his fabulous gowns.